Emma Holm

Emma (1989) is a multimedia artist, who´s main focus is pencil drawing. Next to that she also works with mixed media, readymade, installation, photo documentation and video / animation.

The artistic expression is characterized by a contrasting collaboration between melancholic femininity and urban / pop culture humor - to which the individual's internal-external conflict and relationship to non-places in modern society is often a central theme.

Emma is a former student from the Danish Talent Academy and educated Master of Science in Anthropology from Århus University with specialization in: Aesthetic practice and performance culture - For which research was carried out on everything from creative gender to graffiti practice.

Emma lives and works in Holstebro.


宇宙 group show.


Victoria Art Gallery, Bath society of Artists.
Galleri Hjorth, “unnamed”.
Art Herning.


Galleri Hjorth, X-mas exhibition.
Galleri Hjorth, Summer Exhibition.
Art Herning
Live on SOME, “Perfect Destruction” 


Galleri Hjorth, X-mas exhibition.
Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station og platform ST:ART,virtuel udstilling “24,50”
Galleri Hjorth, 50/10 the Reception.
Galleri Hjorth, Summer Exhibition.
Marvellous Artist Book


Marvellous Art Magazine, November Issue.
Galleri Hjorth, Lost North.
Wunderwear by Camilla, Light installation.
Gimsinghoved, den censorerede efterårsudstilling.
Marvellous Art Magazine, August Issue.


Live drawing on Piet Hein Ellipse dinnertable.


Bog illustrationer til “Tankestreger - bi
lleder fra fillosofien” Collaboration with Livingshop.


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