SPACE / 宇宙

SPACE, translated directly from the Japanese word 宇宙 means universe and is a room where you can express yourself artistic. It is also a universe to explore, embrace and experience art and above all a place to replenish the inner territory of your mind. 

The gallery features international contemporary art, displaying work by established artists from around the globe and let them use our gallery to that what SPACE / 宇宙 stands for, a room to express themselves artistic.

We also feel an obligation towards newly educated artist to give them an opportunity to experience and grow into this unique world and therefore we are embracing them into SPACE / 宇宙 

From October 2022 we will enter a new beginning, by opening our gallery which is located in an old renovated machinery factory near the city center of Kolding


SPACE / 宇宙 

Jens Skyttes Vej 9, 6000 Kolding, Denmark

+45 5383 4347 /

CVR 42912565