SPACE / 宇宙

Space Debris

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Pencil drawing, by artist Emma Holm.  

Space debris from manmade objects clutters space and makes it difficult for scientists to look towards distant Galaxies. Space Debris refers to this problematic: whether the large non-place outside our own small atmospheric bubble is of earthly relevance or not, it is thought provoking to imagine Earth circulating around in an accumulating dump yard. Inspired by the astrologers' ancient maps of the constellations on the night sky, I wish by this masterpiece to depict a porous world, a reality in dissolution, a celestial space in resurrection.

In this series of works, the final major work incorporates a new medium - water-dissolved charcoal. I could probably have used diluted ink for similar effects, but found it to be a stronger more symbolic underlining in this context, to use charcoal as a comment on a planetary meltdown not just happen on our side of the clouds...

Size of the total work, including the frame: 137 x 97 cm

Smoked oak frame with museum glass 


When you are living outside of Denmark and are interested in buying this artwork, please contact gallery owner Ronald Hofman on e-mail for inquiries on how to order and get this art work shipped to you.