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Weather The Storm

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Oil,Acrylic,Spraypaint and Inkjet Print on 300 gsm German Etching Paper.

Unique, handfinished print.

Size 77 x 51 cm

Smoked oak frame and museum glass, size frame 79 x 53 cm 

Ben Slow:

They stood in the storm and when the wind didn’t blow their way, they adjusted their sails.
The route ahead was fraught and took an immense toll, yet they persevered.
They weathered the storm with unwavering determination and resilience. They faced many challenges along the way, from the physical toll of the journey to the emotional strain of uncertainty and fear. But they refused to give up or let the storm defeat them. Instead, they adjusted their course and pushed forward, driven by their love and commitment to each other. As they navigated through the storm, they grew stronger, more united, and more grateful for the little moments of calm amidst the chaos.

When you are living outside of Denmark and are interested in buying this artwork, please contact gallery owner Ronald Hofman on e-mail for inquiries on how to order and get this art work shipped to you.