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"Do No Harm" - Kit Kat Pill - Miss Bugs (2022)

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"Do No Harm" - Kit Kat Pill - Miss Bugs (2022)


Polyurethane UV Resin with Pigment with Encapsulated Discarded Food Wrapper.


Unnumbered series of 800 artworks forming part of the 'The Dispensary 800 Collection'.
Each piece is unique and varies in composition, artworks are accompanied with a signed 
COA, plinth and bespoke packaging.


Pill: 4.50 x 13  / 5.50cm (height of plinth)

Imagine a world where Willy Wonka doesn’t want to give you a golden ticket; he just wants to get you hooked. Judging by American tv, that’s the world we’re already living in; slice of pizza in one hand, remote control in the other, eyeballs glued to a non-stop carousel of Coca-Cola, followed by statins, then back to burger king, then returning to valium. Back and forth – junk to meds – on every channel. Consumer capitalism has won!

 Miss Bugs