Roberto Marchesi

Roberto Marchesi was born in 1977 and grew up in Milan, with ample access to classical art, and has been fascinated since childhood by the technique of the greatest painters, their simple and safe brushstrokes and their light treatment. There is perhaps a striving for that tradition, perfection and correctness in his expression and style, and he has visited the Florence Academy of Arts several times, which precisely pays tribute to the classical language of art.

We also encounter a similar resistance in several of the images. Often, for example, scenery or the poses of the depicted bodies are classic and recognisable, and were it not for modern artefacts – filur ice cream, bathing ring, clothing etc. – or in some cases the consumption-cultural fatness of the bodies, we would probably date the motifs to centuries before us. But it is happening now, and it is also about us. Perhaps the classic expression, the recognizable scenes and poses reinforce the bodies' contemporaneity, and we are allowed to look at ourselves through the eyes of another time. We are invited to think about the fact that even though time passes and man changes, we are essentially connected to those who came before us, by body, sand, water and light, and also by an artistic form of expression that consists – despite multiple new media and screens. In this way, Roberto's works represent a longing for coherence, simplicity and they point out the characteristics of each era as ripples on the surface.



FAA Florence Academy of Art

2008-present Part time student

- Academic Painting course 
Florence Faculty

2018 - Figure Painting & Portrait Gothenburg Faculty

2016 - Figure Painting & the Figure in an Interior Gothenburg Faculty

2008 - Still Life Sommer workshop Florence Faculty

2008 - Academic Figure Painting Sommer workshop Florence Faculty



2006 - MAA Architect