Mark William Kilford

Mark (1984) often extracts inspiration from his chaotic memories and tough life experiences, during his teen and young adulthood years, where people and moments take on new meanings in his visual language.

His life has been marked, which has blurred his recollection of timelines. However, certain individuals and places remain vivid and recurrent. There are different sources that help him to extract these memories, such as MTV, talk shows, documentaries, or old pirate skate VHS tapes.

Marks art refers to things, situations and persons he has experienced or read about and that have made an impact on him. He visualizes these impressions in his colourful own interpretation. His painting do not directly depict these moments, but rather reflects how he experienced his life.

His works are colourful mixed media collages of cut paper, acrylic and spray paint, visualizing his turbulent and somewhat chaotic young life.