Jeppe Nedergaard

Jeppe Nedergaard (born 1979) is a Danish artist from Sønderborg. Jeppe's first passion was drawing, which has been a large part of his childhood, he has always been attracted and influenced by the visual space.

The teenage years were spend with a great commitment within the Hip Hop culture. The creative environment became Jeppe's playground, where graffiti and music were practiced at a high level. Later, Jeppe took an education as a graphic artist, which for a number of years was Jeppe's primary profession.

In 2017, Jeppe returned to his creative roots and began taking classes at Sønderjyllands Art School. Since then, Jeppe has not looked back and today he works with his art full time.

The distinguished style of Jeppe's painting technique and style is highly recognizable. The rough and immediate strokes affect the motif with a lightness and make it come alive. Up close, the works can appear partially abstract, and from a distance, the composition and the level of detail stand out clearly. The play between the nuanced and the bare means that there is room for free interpretation. The focal point for Jeppe is figurative and modern art, which is based on moods and environments that he feels on his own body.

Jeppe is fascinated by people, the physical and not least all the signals that arise between us and the environment we are in. For him, it is just as important to create an atmosphere outside the framework. His art must fill the room. He constantly has his antennae out and look for what moves him. Often the tracks lead back to his own childhood and teenage years.”