Heath Kane


Heath Kane is an Australian artist, based in the UK. Heath is synonymous with creating bold, striking, often lurid art. He embeds subtle, subversive themes that encourage a political or social conversation.

Heath’s approach to art has always been driven by the practice of design thinking: combining his experience in commercial art with the origins of pop-art. He focuses on creating simple, iconic and memorable pieces. Before becoming an artist, Heath had a successful career in design that spanned 25 years. He worked for many of the world’s leading advertising and branding agencies.

In 2014, Heath created his debut piece ‘Rich Enough to be Batman’ which went on to launch his art career.

It wasn’t until 2020 that Heath committed to becoming a full-time artist, from his studio and gallery just south of Cambridge. Heath has collaborated with Wired Magazine and Saatchi Art, and has partnered with Penguin Books to create the last published covers of George Orwell’s most famous books. Heath exhibits his work in solo shows all around the globe, and his originals and prints frequently appear in leading galleries worldwide.