Anton Ian Nielsen

Anton Ian Nielsen is a Danish painter and artist.  His works take inspiration from the subconscious, quantum physics, subcultures and art history.  Like Los Angeles’ Lowbrow movement, which tried to comment on the cultural trends of the time with humorous, “low-culture” references,

Anton Ian also tries to comment on modern society with the symbolism of popular culture.  Often with a humorous expression, he paints and creates works that connect and excite with a colorful palette and references from both art history, graphic design, street art and popular culture.  Often animals and people in existential longing. 

In the same spirit, he has published four children’s books and a poem collection with the publishing house Fleksibel. 



Things - Solo, Art Monday, May
News - Springbrættet6a, June


Off The Wall - Group Expo - Art Monday, June
Divided Summer – Solo - Art Monday, October


Biggie - Private Showing.



Ræven der blev fyret - Fleksibel - ISBN 9788797082331
Den Sultne Panda -Fleksibel - ISBN 9788797082331 / Release at Jolene
Sådan kom jeg over - Fleksibel - ISBN 9788797082317 / Release at Springbrættet6a
Kaninen der ville danse - Fleksibel, 2021, ISBN 9788797082331 / Release at Art Monday


Katten der ville sove et år - Fleksibel - ISBN 9788797082355