Anjastama HP


Anjastama is an artist from Indonesia, born in Sukoharjo, Central Java, January 29th, 1996. He has completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts education at the Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta.

 Anjastama was born and raised according to the Javanese tradition, which maked him more interested in his culture, but he has a challenge how to translate that culture into something beautiful, unique, and acceptable to people who are not from Java. In his work, he transforms the traditional Javanese puppets into a human form, and combines his personal feelings into his work. In this way Anjastama creates his own world. The subjects he paints are inspired by the 3 children of Bima and are so called wayang characters.

 The first character is Antasena, son of Bima and Urang Ayu (the daughter of the kingdom of the ocean). The second character is Antareja, Bima' s son with Nagagini  (the daughter of the Snake King) The last one is Gatotkaca, the son of Bima with Arimbi (the daughter of the king of giants) These three characters have inspired Anjastama to created a world with these three characters. they are not only very strong, they also have the souls of warriors who are able to give up their lives to destroy the wrath of anger.
5 questions to Anjastama:

1. Did your parents liked it when you told them you wanted to be an artist. 

* When I first said I wanted to be an artist they didn't respond much, didn't refuse or support and they wanted me to be what they wanted (become a lecturer or continue my parents' business). But now when I can prove that I can survive the path I choose, now they support me

2. Do you have close artist friends and who are they.

Previously, I think this is a question that is difficult for me to answer, I don't mean to be bad if I might forget or can't mention my friends one by one. I have quite a lot of artist friends that I might not be able to mention one by one...I have several collectives, one of which is Fandi Angga, Raka Hadi, WA Santos, Dabi Arnasa and several other peers. Then there is another collective with Ddinopop, Andi Acho, Karim, and other friends.  I also have a futsal group whose members are several artists including Valdo Manulang, Arbi Rangkito, Iqi Qoror, Palito Perak and many other friends that I cannot mention one by one here.  There are also several friends who often get together or chat together, such as Theresia Sitompul, Desy Gitary, Nano Warsono, Andre Tanama, Syam Terajana, Gusmen Hariadi, Don Bosco, Mikhael Yesyurun, M Fauzan, and many more, sorry if I haven't had many  mention

3. Do you have a dream car and why is it your dream car? 

* I don't have a specific dream car, maybe if I have the chance to buy I will buy a practical car (not too big) like a mini cooper or other European cars like BMW or Benz.  but it seems there are still many considerations to buy the car.  or electric cars for a better environment.

4. Where do you live and why there? 

* I live in Jogja, and as an artist, Jogja is an ideal place to live because there are so many artists here, so I can easily share and discuss with other artist friends.

5. Who do you live together with? 

* I live alone so I can focus on creating, and if there are friends who come to play/discuss it doesn't disturb the family because often the activities in art are not limited in time.  sometimes I can paint until morning, or chat with friends until morning. if I sleep at night, I'm used to getting up very early and sometimes I want to paint immediately.  so my activities or routines are very flexible when I live alone for this time.

SPACE / 宇宙, Kolding Denmark
Amplify, Think Space LA, USA
16, Gallery OZ, Australia
Re-Fresh, Getback Parlour, Jakarta
Exposure, Ambarukmo Plaza, Yogyakarta
Solo exhibition, SInom Ing Mongso Ketigo, IndieArt House, Yogyakarta
Summer Show, Gallery Sylvia Reele, Paris France
3 Tahun Dari Sekarang, Ruang Dalam Artspace, Yogyakarta
Kuratif, Indieart House, Yogyakarta

Jogja Affordable Art, Jogja Gallery


Get Slow, RJ Katamsi ISI Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Akara, Gedung DPP PDIP DIY, Yogyakarta.
Daya Hidup, Museum dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta