Anjastama HP


Anjastama is an artist from Indonesia, born in Sukoharjo, Central Java on January 29, 1996. He has completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts education at the Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta with a concentration in Printmaking, however Anjastama is currently focusing on making painting arts and his Instalations project. Anjastama works with infinite media.


Sinom Ing Mangsa Ketiga

Slowly and calmly, this sentence is considered to represent how Anjastama HP deals with the pebbles that are encountered in life and the things that are implicitly uttered in his works. The inner conflict that originates from the immediate environment, the formation of the work, and his position as an artist, became a problem that later formed the spectrum of his current thinking. In his first solo exhibition, a rereading of various events that have accompanied his steps in the arts is used as the basis for his artistic process this time.

Regarding the title of Sinom Ing Mangsa Ketiga. Sinom itself is a young tamarind leaf that grows at the start of the rainy season, and the Third Prey is the dry season. The appearance of sinom in the dry season is usually a sign that rain will come. Waiting for the first rain after the dry season with the phenomenon of the emergence of sinom becomes an analogy for the answer to the impossibility that we often encounter in life. For Anjas himself, the impossibility in his life is to have full support from those closest to him to choose art as his way of life. However, thanks to the process and achievements that have been passed, slowly those closest to him begin to soften about what he chooses.

Duls Rumbawa

2015 – 2021 Indonesia Institute of Fine Art Yogyakarta

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