SPACE / 宇宙

As complete as I hope to ever be 2

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Oil, acrylic and spray paint on 250 GSM Fabriano Unica Crema paper

Size 70 x 50 cm

Smoked oak frame and museum glass, size frame 86.5 x 65.5 cm

Ben Slow:

Projection is a peculiar dance, where we unknowingly cast our own shadows upon others, concealing the flaws we fail to acknowledge within ourselves. Like a cloak of self-deception, we weave tales of blame, attributing our troubles to external forces, while the true culprits often lurk within our own depths.
By pointing fingers outward, we absolve ourselves of responsibility, finding solace in the illusion of innocence. Yet, hidden in the folds of this intricate charade lies a profound truth: our own blindness and lack of focus can serve as the seeds from which troubles sprout.
To break free from this cycle, we must summon the courage to peel back the layers of self-delusion. We must embark on a journey of introspection, shining a light upon our own flaws and distractions. It is through this fearless exploration that we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, peering into the murky recesses of our own being.

When you are living outside of Denmark and are interested in buying this artwork, please contact gallery owner Ronald Hofman on e-mail for inquiries on how to order and get this art work shipped to you.