Brazilian artist Daniel Melim is coming to SPACE / 宇宙

Exciting news, 

We are planning an exhibition and meet and greet with Brazilian urban artist Daniel Melim. The plan is end week 32, beginning week 33 (August) but more info will follow soon.

Daniel Melim, born and raised in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo. Since 2000 develops urban interventions using stencil, rescuing this style, which is, historically, the origin of the street art in Brazil.

Its production is characterized by the selection of locations, seeking deteriorated spaces that provides numerous compositional elements (color, texture, position).Part of these works are located into distant neighborhoods of the ABC Paulista (São Paulo's suburbs), - as Jardim Limpão Project - therefore reaching an audience that usually have little access to art.

Besides the work on the streets, he has been presenting his paintings - which was developed through the experiences of his urban interventions works - in galleries and museums in Brazil and abroad - such as Choque Cultural Gallery, AfroBrasil Museum, Latin America Memorial, Valencia Biennale in Spain, MASP and other venues and institutions worldwide. He worked as an art educator in several social projects in São Paulo and has been developing many others by the city suburbs. His line also became illustration for multiple publications such as the Caros Amigos, Ele e Ela, Le Mound, Defish (Belgium) among others.