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Try Digging Your Way Out of This Shit

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Original - screenprint and acrylic on plywood, by Heath Kane.

Size: 42 x 60 cm (unframed) / 44,5 x 63 cm (framed)


Recently it seems as though we’re living in a cycle of bad news. We’ve swiftly moved from a global Pandemic to a war in Europe.

Food prices have soared and our government has made the cost of living unreachable for many. Whilst we speak about being part of a global society we also seem to be at the mercy of it.

Have political agendas ever really been about feeding the hungry? Or, are we in this mess because greed and political dominance have become more important than helping real people?


When you are living outside of Denmark and are interested in buying this artwork, please contact gallery owner Ronald Hofman on e-mail for inquiries on how to order and get this art work shipped to you.