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Fragmentarium by Kasper Eistrup

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Second edition printed 2018 mint condition

Kasper Eistrup's artistic expression is characterized by the meeting of several elements, partly in the form of different techniques, partly as images within images, which together create a new and larger narrative.

He himself calls the approach 'fragmentarism', and technically this means that Eistrup makes use of both drawing and painting, often even in the same work. Even where he paints, there is a wide range: from terrific photorealism to pure expressionism. In the same way, the works are most often composed of several pictorial elements, without actual collages, because Eistrup draws or paints everything.

The focal point is always the human being and not least the meeting between people, for better or for worse. But in other words: life as we live it right now.
Foreword by Trine Ross in English