Kim Pihl


Kim Pihl was born in 1974. He primarily works with oil on canvas.

Kim made his debut at KP in 2002 and has since exhibited continuously all over the country.

Originally, he was educated Master of Educational Psychology, which, together with other big and small events in his life, has shaped his set of conscious and unconscious approaches to painting. After several years in the field of educational psychology, he had to admit that art and thus painting was what ultimately made sense to him.

Kim Pihl is today a full-time artist and feels privileged to be able to turn his inner drive and lifeblood into his work.

The human psyche is a clear pervasive factor in Kim Pihl's works. Through the very conscious characteristic and colorful imagery, he aims to create art which ultimately makes the viewer reflect on their own life, morals, ethics and taste.

The fact that EVERYONE will look at the works based on what they bring to the role of viewer is something Kim Pihl loves about art.

Most of all, he loves the fact that it is he himself who, at this very moment, is the catalyst for this process...

"Nothing is so despicable as when you argue with a person and do everything to convince him. Then suddenly you feel that you are not dealing with his mind, but with his will; he will not understand.”

5 questions to Kim:

1. Explain in short what creating art does for you? 

* It gives me the peace, I rarely finde anywhere else. It is probably the only place where I find Flow in my life. On certain days creating is pretty fucking close to “like the air that I breathe”.

2. Do you like to cook or bake?

* I love to cook. I especially love cooking for people who really appreciate the time and focus I put into it. I especially love to cook, when I am in the company of a glass of red wine.

3. Did you have a job before you started with art and if yes what job?

* I was educated Master in Educational Psychology and have worked in this field for several years before I started as a full time artist.

Have you made art that you will never sell and why?

* I have one piece. The story behind is taken directly from my life…that is why the painting is called “MEMENTO”.

5. What music do you listen to? 

* Everything…but techno!